Language plays a vital role in the construction of meaning. It empowers the learner and provides an intellectual framework to support conceptual development and critical thinking. Language learning expectations have been organized into developmental continuums for each strand of language: reading, writing and communication (oral and visual language). These serve as a common vocabulary for teachers, students and parents.

IST Reading Continuum (updated in 2012)
IST Writing Continuum (updated in 2012)

IST Communication Continuum (updated in 2013)


The power of mathematics for describing and analyzing around the world is a highly effective tool for solving problems. Mathematics learning expectations have been organized into a developmental continuum and are broken down into five strands: Numbers and the Number System, Measurement, Shape and Space, Data Handling, Pattern and Function (problem solving).

IST Maths Continuum (updated in 2013)

Programme of Inquiry

The subject areas are organized under six transdisciplinary themes. These global themes help teachers and children explore knowledge and make meaningful learning connections between the subjects through units of inquiry. Where possible units of inquiry are supported by the arts, physical education, and additional languages.

IST Science and Social Studies standards are solely addressed through our Units of Inquiry.

Science strands: the strands are Living Things, Earth and Space, Materials and Matter and Forces and Energy

Social Studies strands: the strands are Human Systems and Economic Activities, Social Organisation and Culture, Community and Change through Time, Human and Natural Environments and Resources and the Environment.

The Programme of Inquiry for  2014-15 is summarized on pages 13-19 of the Elementary Parent Handbook

Learning Expectations:

ScienceSocial Studies

Other Subjects

Specialist subjects are in the process of reviewing curricular documents; however, different departments are at varying stages of the review process. Music, Visual Arts and Additional Languages have curricular documents in draft form. P.E. and Swimming will complete their draft this school year; the documents provided below are currently under review.

Music | Visual Arts Physical Education | Swimming | Additional Languages



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