Engaging Children over the Holidays

This morning we had an interesting discussion about what to do over the holidays. Next year we will focus on teaching the Essential Elements of the PYP – knowledge, concepts, attitudes, trans-disciplinary skills, and action. Today we talked about some of the trans-disciplinary skills: thinking skills. These are listed below:

Acquisition of knowledge
Gaining specific facts, ideas, vocabulary; remembering in a similar form.

Grasping meaning from material learned; communicating and interpreting learning.

Making use of previously acquired knowledge in practical or new ways.

Taking knowledge or ideas apart; separating into component parts; seeing relationships; finding unique characteristics.

Combining parts to create wholes; creating, designing, developing and innovating.

Making judgments or decisions based on chosen criteria; standards and conditions.

Dialectical thought
Thinking about two or more different points of view at the same time; understanding those points of view; being able to construct an argument for each point of view based on knowledge of the other(s); realizing that other people can also take one’s own point of view.

Analysing one’s own and others’ thought processes; thinking about how one thinks and how one learns.

We used work related to Bloom’s taxonomy, another framework for higher order thinking skills, to help us come up with different ways to help children work on their thinking skills. If you would like to learn more about these kinds of skills, feel free to explore these websites.


Bloom’s Taxonomy Parent Guide

Article on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Article on Using Higher Level Thinking Skills


Charts to help develop tasks to do over the summer:

Action Verb Guide to Bloom’s Taxonomy


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