Maths at IST

Today at the parent workshop, we talked about the different strands that are important in Maths education. These are:

  • Conceptual understanding – understanding what multiplication is, rather than just knowing your times tables
  • Procedural fluency – being fluent with use of algorithms
  • Strategic competence – having strategies to solve problems
  • Adaptive reasoning – being able to explain you thinking
  • Productive disposition – seeing real world applications

Further, we discussed different ways to practice each of these strands. Parents came up with a variety of activities that you can do at home with your children. Some of these are provided below:

  1. Managing pocket money – learning how to spend appropriately, save, and keep track of expenses, sorting and counting change
  2. Cooking / using recipes – this can be to practice measuring, to estimate, or to shrink/enlarge recipes
  3. Keeping a notebook for a problem a day
  4. Dividing up treats between siblings. How many are there? Is there a remainder? How many does Mama get? Or do you divide the last cookie into fractions ?!
  5. Playing various board games that involve strategy or counting money
  6. Reading the luku meter
  7. Books: counting and sorting books, number of pages, time taken to read a book
  8. Look in refrigerator to see what is left, how many there are.
  9. Stick it – place the timetable all over the house
  10. Swimming: count strokes and laps, take your pulse, take seconds or minutes off your time
  11. Time: look at how long it takes to complete a task, talk about starting time and finishing time
  12. Mic colors to practice ratios

Thank you to the parents who attended the workshop! You had a lot of great questions and comments that will influence new workshops.



One Response to Maths at IST

  1. sima mittal says:

    Thanks for the great workshop , Leah!

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